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How to Increase The Resale Value of Your Car: Let the professionals at Sunguard of South FLA bring
your car back to showroom new condition. Careful, you might not want to
sell it when it looks so good …

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Thinking about window tinting? Make sure that you are in compliance with
Florida’s Window Tint laws. Trust the professionals at Sunguard of South
FLA to do it right.

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It’s always perfect weather for a convertable here in Southern Florida, but now it the perfect time to detail and seal your convertable top.

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“Protecting What Moves” 

“We have been introducing and applying our products and offering our
pristine detailing programs to Auto, Aircraft & Watercraft Dealerships,
Fleet Accounts, Private Owners, Gas Stations and MORE.”

Our product is a specially formulated sealant, fortified with Dupont Teflon® & a UV Guard. This protects the painted finishes by chemically locking the ultra fine particles into the finish, unlike a  lot of other sealants, waxes, polishes, spray-ons, that breakdown at 74 degrees and has other effects. Our Sealant creates a corrosion, oxidation & UV resistant shield that blocks the harmful effects of the environment.

Once our product is applied to the surface(s), tests have shown an increase of wind resistance due to the bonding of the sealant with the finish as well as an added protective coat against the harsh environment. They also contain special brighteners to enhance the finish and add a lustrous shine without ever having to apply wax again. All our detailing is of the highest quality, and are done by professionals, thus to insure the most pristine level of detailing that
you deserve.

All Sunguard Technicians are Licensed – Bonded – Insured

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Custom Formulas


Did you know that the paint on your classic car is very different from the paint on a modern car? At Sunguard, we use custom formulations for all types of paint. Don’t trust your finish to an “Off the Shelf” product.


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Any Car – Any Finish

300Z left sd after- right sd before

At Sunguard we understand the science of protecting your finish. Whether you have a classic car, or just drove your car out of the showroom let the professionals at Sunguard of South FLA protect your investment.


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Trusted By The Pros!

#99 hauler cleaned

Sunguard of South FLA is one of the leading Mobile Detailing service in Fort Lauderdale. Our specialists will provide expert detailing for your car, boat, plane, RV, or truck. We provide coverage to all major resorts.


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Specialty Services

Sunguard offers specialty services like Rim Restoration, Headlight Repair and interior restoration.  We have decades of experience working with local dealerships, car collectors, and professional racing teams.


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