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About Us

SunGuard of South FLA – Founded by Duane Parker

SunGuard of South FLA was started as a family owned business. Duane Parker, is a second generation auto detailing specialist who has worked for both Dupont and 3M prior helping to launch SunGuard of South FLA. With hundreds of hours of training and education from the companies that have formulate most of the automotive finishes, Duane recognized the opportunity offered by mobile detailing. Although he has been trusted by Dealerships, NASCAR drivers, Indy Drivers, Formula One drivers, Power Boat Associations, Fleets, Major Corporations, Police Departments, Professional Athletes, and South Beach celebrities Duane is a teacher at heart. He has personally trained hundreds of mobile detailers. If you hire a mobile detailer to work on your car, boat, RV or plane anywhere in Georgia or Florida, there is a good chance that Duane has either trained them or helped to develop the training course that they were trained with.

Why Use SunGuard?

Consider this: Next to your house, your biggest investment is your car. If you own a yacht, plane or luxury vehicle it may be worth more than most people’s houses. Who would you prefer to help maintain the value of your investment? Someone who went to the local auto parts store and think they know how to detail a car, or someone who has been trained by DuPont, trained by 3M and can tell you exactly how to protect any finish on any car whether it was a 1933 Packard Super 8 or a 2017 Ferrari F60. All SunGuard mobile detailers are trained to work with all types of paint and all types of finishes. Our techniques for removing concrete, acid burns, paintless dent repair, and headlight restoration are state of the art. Every SunGuard trained mobile detailer has access to an extensive knowledge base and proprietary products that will keep your car, boat or plane looking showroom new.

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