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Exterior Detail(TRACTOR ONLY):  STARTING @ $165.00

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Exterior Detail (TRACTOR ONLY)

1-2 Hours
  • Hand & Soft Brush Wash with all Natural Soaps(contains NO petroleum-bleach-acids or phosphates)
  • Pressure Wash underside of Semi & Remove all Grease & Stains from Back*
  • Clean Exterior Windows & Mirrors
  • Clean Door jambs, Door Sills and Treat Rubber Seals
  • Clean Rims, Tires, & Inner Fender Wheels
  • Clean Fuel tanks and Exhaust Stacks (Polish if equipped with stainless/chrome)*
  • Polish complete Exterior of Semi with Professional Grade Sealant*
  • Treat Tires with Special Water Based Gloss Treatment
  • Treat Mirrors & Rims(if rims are Chrome)w/Sealant*
  • Treat all Exterior Plastic Trim
  • Treat all Windows & Lights w/Teflon Sealant
  • *Note: Pricing starting for small two seater cabs.
  • *Heavy exterior degreasing may increase pricing.
  • *Heavy paint oxidation/swirls/other may increase pricing(complete exterior Buffing).
  • *Heavy stains/oxidation may increase pricing.
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Interior Detail (TRACTOR ONLY)

1-2 Hours
  • Vacuum & Wipe Complete Interior
  • Steam Clean Carpets -Mats, Seats & Headliner(non-clothe)
  • Clean Windows & Mirrors inside
  • Clean ALL Vinyl – Plastic & Plylether W/Specialized PH Cleaners
  • Treat ALL Vinyl – Plastic & Plyleather W/Specialized Conditioner Treatment & Protectors
  • Clean ALL Leather(proper PH blance) & Condition Leather W/Specialized Oils
  • Clean ALL Crevices & Vents of Dust and Treat(as needed)
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Save $50 on Full Detail

  • Interior & Exterior Detailing Save $50.00

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TRAILERS START @ $8.00 per ft

*SunGuard of South FLA, is your complete MOBILE detailing specialists and we work to keep your  recreational equipment looking and feeling like NEW. We can perform most of our services twenty-four hours per day and seven days a week. We offer single stage(1), two(2) stage, three(3) stage and four(4) stage
HAND WAX packages with PURE white and yellow CARANUBA Prices are subject to change at any time  and some pricing may vary depending upon cleanliness.


You may recieve discounts off any detailing package, when  vehicle, Semi or recreational equipment is serviced on a regular basis. 



SunGuard of South FLA Mobile Detailing offers a complete menu of interior and exterior detailing services for automotive, watercraft, aircraft and other vehicles that are guaranteed to make them look its best.  

Consider the Benefits: 

Peace of mind

Traveling in a fully detailed vehicle instills confidence. peace of mind and cleanliness. We strive to make you look good and feel like you just purchased it!

Increased Performance

A properly maintained finish that is polished and properly waxed doesn’t only restores the shine and protect the suface from extended damages or fading paint. It actually improves performance and reduces gas consumption. A clean, polished finish on
the exterior reduces the drag coefficient helping to make your vehicle more aerodynamic and improve performance which can save on fuel and help save you money. 

Protect your investment. Washing and waxing regularly increases the present and future value. A quality polish and product can bring new life to a faded and worn paint at a fraction of the cost of a new paint job.

So let SunGuard of South FLA Professional Detailing services show you how we can help you. 

  • Convenient: We bring everything we need to your location to fit your schedule.
  • Competent: Our detailers have the best equipment and the best training, if it moves we can make it look great!
  • Competitively priced: Our prices are lower than the dealers.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If your satisfied, tell a friend … if not, let us know and we’ll make it right.
  • Customized Maintenance Programs: Perfect for lease vehicles. 

SunGuard’s professional trained technicians work with various compounds and chemicals needed for true professional detailing results. They know how to make it look its best, protecting your investment for years to come.

Quality products for “PRISTINE WORK” at competitive pricing.

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Let Sunguard Show You How To Keep Your Ride Pristine!

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