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Q: What is detailing?
A: Detailing is a disciplined
process by which every surface of your vehicle is systematically
rejuvenated and treated/protected.

Q: What is paint correction?
A: Paint correction is the
removal of scratches, swirl marks, clear coat etching, bird stains,
buffer marks, micro marring, paint scuffs and cob webbing. This is done
by re-leveling the clear coat layer of your paint so the light is
reflected off your paint instead of refracted, providing a mirror like

Q: What do you mean when you say you use the “least invasive methods”?
A: The use of chemicals and
abrasives are needed when detailing a vehicle. By using the mildest
chemicals suited to treat your unique situation the non renewable items
of your surfaces such as textile pigment and paint clearcoat will not be

Q: Why do you not use over-the-counter products?

A: While there are rare “gems” in the over-the-counter car care market
they are few and far between. When over the counter manufacturers are
formulating a product they must keep costs down so they can compete with
other over-the-counter products in the $10-$15 price range. When
boutique products(like we use) are being formulated the main objective
is to create a product that will be the best and price point is
secondary. Boutique products not only provide a superior final
appearance with exceptional durability but also are created from
materials that will not create a temporary fix only to later dry out and
fade the surfaces of your vehicle.

Q: I am purchasing a new vehicle, do I need to have it detailed and protected?
A: As a result of incorrect
washing and polishing techniques swirls have more than likely already
been *installed* by the dealer. From sitting on the lot waiting to be
purchased or from being transported by boat and/or rail most vehicles
paint finishes have already accumulated bonded contaminants. Left over
adhesive residue from the protective film applied at the factory may
also remain on the finish of your vehicle. SunGuard can remedy these
issues to revive the finish to what a new car should look be.


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