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  1. Good Wax/Sealant Adds Shine, Protection and Gloss

  2. Applied to a car’s paint job increases the
    shine and glossiness of the paint. There are designed to penetrate the
    deepest layers of a car’s paint and revitalize its appearance by
    removing oxidized paint particles, which are areas of the paint that
    lose color and start to fade.

    Pre-cleaners Remove Embedded Dirt and Grime

  3. Embedded dirt and grime in a car’s paint can
    greatly alter its appearance. Basic washing often leaves deeper debris
    particles that are stuck to the inner layers of a car’s paint.
    Pre-cleaners will often remove these recalcitrant debris particles and
    add further luster to a car’s appearance.

    Protectant and Sealant

  4. A good-quality wax/sealant will serve as an
    effective barrier against environmental and roadside elements that can
    greatly wear and mar a car’s paint job. By preventing dirt and grime
    from sticking to the paint surface, a car’s appearance is altered by
    the fact that the car will stay cleaner than it would have without a
    good coating.


  5. To keep a car’s appearance as spotless and
    as shiny as possible, it is important that a regular schedule of
    washing(min once a week) and good waxing be implemented. It is
    recommended that a car’s paint job be Pre-cleaned, sealed &waxed at
    least three to four times per year; more often in harsh climates or
    when a vehicle is exposed to harsh weather & road/driving

    Wax Types

  6. There are countless brands and types of auto
    wax.sealants on the market. The higher-quality waxes usually come in
    paste form and are not found on local store shelfs. The liquid type car
    waxes can be good as well, if done weekly, but their lighter density
    and the fact that they are easier to apply make them less reliable in
    terms of offering long-lasting protection.

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