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1. We don’t cut Corners: SunGuard of South FLA technicians cover every inch of exterior paint with a thick coating
of the sealant. We may work harder than the other guys, but this is the
way it should be done. We have an eye for detail and pay particular
attention to those hard to reach places such as around the fog lights
and behind the door handles.

2. We stand by our products: SunGuard
of South FLA offers an unconditional guarantee of every one of our
products. We have so much confidence that our products do what we they
say they do, that we back it in writing. Any problems and all you need to do is call and we will make it right.

3. We give you more: SunGuard of South FLA is constantly striving to improve what we do, and to build more value into our services. That’s why in addition to your sealant package, we will also protect…

ü Door jambs

ü Trunk seals

ü Chrome

ü Windows

done with a sealant product specially selected to be suitable for those
areas, giving lasting protection without leaving visible residue.

4. We work for you and your car: The
technician who meets you at the door will be the person who applies
your sealant Package. They are fully trained and knowledgeable on the
products and are happy to answer your questions and
address your concerns. This way they’ll be working to please you the
customer, rather than just putting sealant on another car.

5. We give you choice: At
SunGuard we have a wide range of packages and other services. Not only
do we carry the sealants, we also have additional products for wheels,
glass, metal, and upholstery.

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