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Most people that go to a car wash do not consider that there is a chance that the carwash might damage their car. Even some people who have had their car damage do not even realize it at the time. For instance, the brushes might scratch the finish on the car and remove some of the clear coat or put slight scratches that are below the clear coat in the paint that can never be buffed out or fixed completely.

Did you know that according to the Carwash Industry, the typical carwash pays approximately one thousand dollars per year in damage claims to carwash customers? That might not seem like a lot of money until you also consider the deductible issues with insurance, and the number of customers who don’t notice the damage and do not report it. Why risk going to a mechanical carwash with your car? (read the tech tips from Auto Upkeep)

By using our three mitt hand washing process, I can say that our crews never damaged cars. We use softened and filtered water, along with non-phosphorus car soaps. All of our products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Even though the chance of having your car damaged at a fixed site carwash is low perhaps you might consider this and think about hiring our mobile carwash instead.

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