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SunGuard and we will take care of everything. We know which of our
services will help you sell your car quickly, and which will increase
its value. We will advise you which services are worth doing, which are
essential, and which would be a waste of your hard-earned cash.

an agreement has been reached on which services you require, just leave
it to our trained techs and we will take care of all the work. In the
rare instances where we can’t do all the work, we will set up the
appointments for you with a skilled craftsman who can.

before calling us we recommend that you value your car from sites like
Edmund’s, or Kelly Blue Book to see what the current value is at the
current condition compared to what is considered excellent condition and
how much it could be worth. If your car is in excellent condition it
will be able to get top dollar and will be an easy sale. Often the
difference can be thousands of dollars, and is usually worth making
repairs. On what and how much you invest will determine how much added
value you give it. A ratio of 2:1 is a great return, in other words for
every dollar spent your return on investment is two dollars.

Tips to increase the value of your car:

  • Rim Repair
    – The best way to make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your
    car it to refinish damaged and scuffed wheels. Bright shiny new looking
    rims make the whole car look new. The effect cannot be underestimated!

  • Scratch Removal
    Almost every car has scratches on the doors. On most cars this is a
    fairly minor repair that doesn’t need to go to a bodyshop. However, if
    not taken care of recharges can cost several hundred dollars or more.
  • “PDR” Paintless Dent Removal
    Before having your car polished you should inspect the car for door
    dings, hail marks, or dents. By having these problems removed can make a
    significant difference in the value. It will also help the car look
    newer and well cared for.

  • Leather Dying & Repair
    Leather damage can seriously decrease the value of your car. The most
    common area of damage is usually the leading edge of the seat were
    people get in and out, particularly the driver seat wears out first,
    especially around the lumbar, and then the base of the seat. Fixing
    these problems will allow the new owner to feel that the car is like
    new, and pay top dollar.

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