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Concrete Removal

Concrete is one of the worst things that can happen to the finish of your car. Unfortunately with all of the construction projects and storm clean up, you can get concrete on your car just taking a trip to the store. Don’t let it ruin the finish of your car and potect your investment. Our professional detailers know how to handle concrete, overspray, tar, graphiti, acid and anything that can damage your car, trruck, and SUV’s finish.

If called right away no sanding is required with our concrete removal process in fact no matter when you call the removal requires no sanding, however if you want your paint to be intact the sooner you call the better.

Request an emergency call and we will stop what whatever job we are on and come  immediately. (additional charge will be applied based on time and location).

Oxidation Removal

As your car ages the finish of your car starts to oxidize. This is caused by several factors including humidity, heat, pollution, road grime, road salt, and other abrasives your car is submitted to on a day to day basis. Our professional detailers can remove the oxidation from your cars finish leaving it looking showroom new. Take a look at the two photos below and you can see the badly oxidized finish to the right, and the beautiful restored finish to the left.


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