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A steam cleaner will get into areas a carpet extractor only wishes to. A steam cleaner can clean between seats, consoles, dashes, cup holders, vents, door pockets, door jambs, and more.

  • A steamer WILL NOT leave an interior soaking wet the way some carpet extractors will. A major reason for mold and mildew and odors within an interior of a vehicle is because of over-wetting with an extractor. Steam dries within seconds.
  • A steam cleaner will clean hard surfaces that an extractor cannot, like the exterior paint even engines
  • A steam cleaner will clean leather seats better than using harsh chemicals and a brush. It will leave leather soft and supple and still require less time and effort.
  • Of course with a steam cleaner all you are using super heated water. No chemicals are needed which keeps the interior drier, saves money on those chemicals, and still leaves the inside smelling fresh, not harsh, and there will be no fear of a customer being sensitive to the chemicals, because you will not be using any!
  • Our steam cleaner, with its vacuum unit and injection or extraction system built right in will allow us to steam and/or extract carpets and upholstery and immediately vacuum the dirt right out.
  • Steam cleaning can even be used to clean windows to perfection.

Our steamers are built to last and out perform the competition. They are commercial grade to handle any detailing use,

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  • Steam is much safer for the paint and body of your vehicle.
  • Steam sanitizes! Steam kills allergies, dust mites, and bacteria.
  • Steam deodorizes and eliminates odors
  • Minimal water use. We use only 1 gallon of water per vehicle.
  • No water spots.
  • No soap or water runoff into the streets or drains.
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