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No matter how often we visit Homestead Raceway, I can never get over how amazing the technology is on the racing circuits. As one of the leading detailing services in South Florida, we often get calls from the Stars like Miss J-Lo and members of the Miami Dolphins. While I never get tired of working on Bentleys (see J-Lo’s below) or Land Rovers, it is the ultimate compliment to be trusted by Honda Racing to detail an Indy Car.

Ms. J-Lo's Bentley    Dolphin - AKIN Bentley


We often get to visit Homestead raceway. Recent events include the Indy Car circuit (see the Honda Car below), Nascar where we detailed the Ford Fusion Pace car or Sign and Drive events for Ford or Hyundai.

Ford Fusion Pace Car at Homestead Raceway     Indy Car Racing
Isn’t it time you let professionals keep your car looking its best? We are counted on by leading dealerships, Nascar, Indy Racing to keep their cars looking great.


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